Below is a sound reel for drama. I will add a separate sound reel for event, corporate, title sound design work and music production when I get the chance.

You can also view some trailers and clips from other films I worked on in my blog.


BBC Norton Wood – Sound Recording on Location

Brighton Film School


Cage Fighter (TV Sport Series)

Dental Directory (Corporate)

Sandisk Memory Cards (Corporate)

Ouroboros (Short Film)

Virgin and the Warrior (Feature Film)

The Roadside (Feature Film)

Time2Shine (Reality TV)

No Go (TV Documentary)

Three Grand Weddings Series 2 (Reality TV Series)

Jack Falls (Feature Film)

The Scandalous Four (Feature Film)

Joy Division – "Control" Viral (Live Interviews with Band Members for Warner Bros)

Recovering from Imprisonment (Corporate Training)

Harvey Matusow (Live Theatre Performance)

Vocal Explosion (Live Choir Performance)

The Buggy Grand Prix (Comedy Pilot)

Intruder (Short)

Not to be (Short)

Invisible (Short)

City Symphony (Short)

Crossed Words (Short)

Straight Out (Short)

Walking on Fire (Promo)

Heroes Run (Promo)

Coco (Promo)

Talking to Jeremy (Short)

Framed (Short)

Kazoo (Short)